Board Rules
EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: READ THIS WARNING tracks ALL ACCESSES to the site and logs all registrations, logins and postings. This includes logging email addresses and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with time and date stamps. While this information isn't shared (unless a legal issue arises), it is important to track members who register to be abusive. (there have been NO instances of abusive posts on this site, however we wish to make our stance on this clear!)

NOTE: If you are registering to post hate messages, please refrain. You not only will be banned, but we will send a copy of your log to your email and internet providers, and in extreme cases, we will turn the information over to our legal team and authorities for harassment and abuse, which is against United States Federal Decency Laws. Please do not force us to take legal action. SITE RULES is a fun and friendly place to discuss Remedy and other BMC products. Do not bash members, use extreme profanity, spam (or spam advertise), make threats, use slurs (racial, sexual, religious or any other), posting knowingly false information or generally behaving in a manner that is disruptive, or you will be removed (this includes harassing members via our private topic system).

REGISTERING TO SPAM, ADVERTISE OR RECRUIT MEMBERS OR PARTICIPATION FOR ANY OTHER SITE, FORUMS, BLOGS, PETITIONS, PRODUCTS AND SERVICES IS NOT PERMITTED. We do allow links to other sites though if you are a link share partner. Please contact the administration for more details. Also, advertising job openings in the Jobs Forum is always acceptable.

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) applies to the online collection of personal information from children under 13 years of age. We do allow those under 13 years of age to register and participate, however the only piece of information we require is a valid email address ... ONLY USED for account verification for the sole purpose of safety and security of our site and our members. This makes our site COPPA compliant. has information fields (such as name, bio, messenger ids) for members to use (not required). We HIGHLY SUGGEST members (especially those under 13) not place personal info in these fields that would put a person AT RISK in any way, shape or form. Members should NEVER provide personal information, such as address, phone number or any other sensitive material to the public or to another member in private topics unless deemed SAFE by that member. is a "post-message" moderated forum site. We have moderators and staff that view the forum on a regular basis to view posts made by users AFTER they make them. This means there could be content that is not appropriate on the site prior to staff removing it. We will do everything we can to remove offending material in a timely manner, however is not responsible for the content printed or requested by members and is also not responsible for the validity or verification of ANY information or postings contained within the forums. is not to be held responsible for the use of any of the information on this site in production environments! Always take the proper precautionary steps when making ANY changes in a production environment to ensure stability and the ability to roll-back the changes without data loss. reserves the right to use, keep, move or remove posts made on the site at any time for any reason without notice. Abusive display names will not be allowed on the site. Also, URL name links are also not allowed on the site and may be changed or altered without notice (if you would like to advertise, please contact the administration for advertising rates). tracks all accesses to the site / forums. reserves the right to turn over a user's access information (user name, email address, IP of access, internet service provider and email service provider) and postings to authorities in case of a legal situation. staff reserves the right to deny forum access to anyone at any time for any reason. If a member is banned temporarily or permanent, re-registering is against the rules, and subject to complete removal of account information, as well as possible further action of internet harassment.

These rules may be changed or altered at any time for any reason without notice. Use of this site and forums is an acknowledgment and acceptance of the above rules and regulations.