Dear Listers,<br /><br />We have the following set up and are trying to get a reporting console on the web. <br /><br />ARS - 5.1.2<br />Mid-Tier - 5.1.2 <br />ITSM Suite 5.5<br />CR 10 Enterprise Engine on the Application Server<br />Oracle<br />IIS 5.0 with plug ins<br /><br />Once i installed CR Enterprise Engine, I created a virtual directory for reports and have specified the CR location in the Remedy Mid-Tier Configuration Tool.<br /><br />I designed a simple report using the SeaGate Crystal Reports 9.0. I create a new record in the Report form with the type as Crystal and have added the .rpt file as an attachment.<br /><br />On the SHR:Reporting Console, from the AR User Tool, I select the Report Name from menu corresponding. When i click on Run Report Button, I can get the report as per the .rpt file created.<br /><br />Now when i access the Report Console on the web and select the particular report and I have to authenticate myuself to access the reports. <br /><br />The message at this stage is : "The Web Component Server could not log you on to the CMS. Please re-enter your user name and password. [On Cache/Page Server: megaremedy.WCS]"<br /><br />Once i authenticate myself, I get the following error : "Error encountered by Crystal Page Server. -------<br /><br />The error message returned is:<br /><br />Internal error. [On Cache/Page Server:"<br /><br />Please advise how to proceed further with this.<br /><br /><br />Thanks n Regards <br /><br />Satya Gandhi <br /><br />Technical Lead - ITSM Operations, <br />Remedy Competency Centre, <br />Megasoft Ltd. <br /><br />Desk : +91 442 461 6768 Extn 210 <br />Cell : +91 984 073 7169<br /><br /><br />UNSUBSCRIBE or access ARSlist Archives at<br />(Support:<br />